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Rubber Threshold Ramp Installation

Rubber threshold ramp

Rubber threshold ramps can be cut to fit almost any doorway.

A rubber threshold ramp provides a smooth transition through doorways and over raised thresholds. This makes it a lot easier for wheelchair and scooter access.

Measuring for a Threshold Ramp

To find the right size threshold ramp for your doorway, measure the height of the threshold. The higher the threshold, the longer the ramp needs to be. Choose a ramp that is the closest in height to your threshold. If the ramp is too high, it could interfere with opening and closing the door. If the ramp is too low, the transition will not be as smooth.

Depending on the setup of your doorway or raised threshold, you may need a ramp on both sides. Measure the threshold height on each side of the doorway, since the height on each side might be different.

If the ramp is for an entrance with double doors, you will need either purchase a wider ramp, install a shorter ramp for access through only one of the doors, or place two ramps side by side.

Installing a Rubber Threshold Ramp

One of the benefits of a rubber threshold ramp is that you can cut it to fit almost any doorway configuration. Simple cutting tools allow you to cut notches out of the ramp for a tight, secure fit.

Before cutting the ramp to fit, we recommend using a piece of cardboard as a template. If you mess up on the cardboard, you can always start over. Cut the cardboard to fit, and then use the cardboard template to mark where you need to cut the ramp.

Installation is quick and easy, with no fasteners required. The weight and non-slip rubber of the ramp keep it in place.

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