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How to Set Up a Folding Walker

Standard Folding Walker

Simply unfold the sides to set up a folding walker.

Folding walkers are fairly simple to set up and adjust. In just a few steps, the walker is ready to use. Make sure all four legs are adjusted to the correct height for the user.

Setting Up the Walker

  1. Take the folding walker out of its packaging and unfold the two side frame panels by swinging them outward until they lock into place with the two top lock buttons.
  2. Adjust all four (4) extension legs (or wheels) to the required height by pressing the adjustment button in and either pulling down or pushing up on the leg. Make sure that the adjustment button securely pops into place.
  3. After adjustment, make sure that all four (4) legs are at the same height adjustment level. If one leg is shorter or longer than the others, the walker will rock and be unstable.

Folding the Walker

To fold up the walker, press down on the release/lock button located on one side of the center brace and fold the side frame panel inward. Repeat for the opposite side frame

Finding the Correct Walker Height

Stand behind the walker with arms hanging loosely at your sides and the walker in front of you. When the walker is adjusted to the correct height, your elbows should be slightly bent at a 20-30 degree angle when you grip the walker handles.

To adjust the walker legs, push in the adjustment button and slide the tube up or down until the button pops through the correct adjustment hole. Repeat for the remaining legs. Count the holes on each leg to make sure the legs are adjusted to the same height.

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