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Do I Need a Wheelchair or Transport Chair?

Transport Chair

A transport chair is lightweight and easy to lift, move, and store.

When it comes to choosing a manual chair, you have two basic options: a standard wheelchair or a transport chair. For users who want the best of both options, a combination wheelchair/transport chair is available. Each type of chair has its own benefits. See below to find out which wheelchair is best for your needs.

You may need a transport chair if…

  • The person sitting in the chair cannot or does not need to push the wheelchair by themselves
  • Lifting a 35 to 40 lb wheelchair is difficult for you
  • You only need to use the wheelchair occasionally (for example, medical appointments or shopping trips)
  • You need a wheelchair with a folding seat and back for easy storage and transportation

You may need a wheelchair if…

  • The person sitting in the wheelchair needs to be able to propel themselves
  • The person sitting in the chair spends most of their day in a wheelchair
  • You need a chair with a customizable fit

You may need a combination wheelchair/transport chair if…

  • The versatility of using only one chair as a transport chair and wheelchair is important to you
  • You need both a wheelchair and a transport chair but don’t want the expense of buying both
  • You need both a wheelchair and a transport chair but have limited storage space for mobility equipment
Transforming Wheelchair

The Pollywog Transforming Wheelchair converts from a transport chair to a standard wheelchair.


A wheelchair can be pushed by the user or by a companion. The large rear wheels make it easier to push the chair over curbs and obstacles, and they smooth out the ride on rough terrain. Since a wheelchair is more comfortable and easier to customize, it’s generally a better choice for users who spend the majority of their day in a wheelchair.

Transport Wheelchairs

A transport wheelchair is designed to be pushed by a companion, although some people use their feet to shuffle around the house while sitting in the chair. Since a transport chair is lighter in weight than a standard wheelchair, it is easier to lift and move, especially when lifting into the trunk or backseat of a vehicle. With a folding backrest and seat and smaller wheels, a transport chair folds into a compact size for storage, which is especially convenient when the chair is used mainly for occasional doctor appointments, shopping trips, and other outings.

Combination Wheelchair/Transport Chairs

A combination wheelchair/transport chair is the solution for individuals who need both a wheelchair and transport chair but who want to save on expenses and on the amount of equipment they need to buy. The combination wheelchair gives you more versatility for the best of both worlds.

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